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If you need to go to work to maintain your lifestyle chances are you need Personal Insurance!

Insurance is the solution to the ‘risk problem’ that faces all of us. The problem is we just don’t know what is gowning to happen to us tomorrow, it's that simple. Adequate cover is an essential safeguard to ensure you and your dependents maintain and achieve overall financial security no matter what happens to you. Your home and financial security are serious things that should not be left to chance, when they can be given to an insurance company to worry about for a premium.

Lets face it the statistics are against us having an accident or illness during our working lives. Appropriate insurance planning ensures that you can still maintain your investment portfolio, debt, mortgage, children or anyone else who is financially dependent upon you, financial obligations and living costs that can only be met by your income, and therefore our ability to work.

Get cover early as once you establish a Life Insurance contract it is Non cancellable so cannot be taken from you. That’s why its important not to put the decision to insure yourself off as if you are fit and healthy now that’s the time you will get the best value for money contract. If your health deteriorates the insurance company can load your premium or deny you cover at all.

As part of risk only advice or a comprehensive financial plan we will assess your needs and make a recommendation on the types of insurance you need, the appropriate levels of cover, then recommend the most suitable insurer for your situation. We complete the application forms with you, send them to underwriting, monitor the process and follow the policy through to completion. In coming up with our recommendation we use independent risk quotation software from Cannex who research, analyse and rate more than 20,000 consumer finance products available in Australia, a leader that analyses all the companies on the marketplace. We review your cover annually to ensure your policy is still suitable for you and that you are getting the best value for money.

Trigger points for insurance review

  • Upon marriage or divorce
  • Purchase of a home or investment property
  • Debt levels change
  • Starting or growing your family
  • Anyone with extended families from multiple marriages
  • Change of job or level of income
  • Entering a tradesperson career
  • Starting or selling your own business
  • Borrowing to invest or as your savings and investments grow

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