"In my professional role as an Air Crewman for a Rescue Helicopter Service I’m exposed to the harsh reality of life and the surprises it can throw at us. I’m reminded on a day to day basis of how lucky I am to be fit and healthy. I’ve always been concerned about being able to sustain my lifestyle and support my family should something happen to me. My family’s financial security is only second to their health. For this reason and peace of mind I went down the path of seeking personal insurance. Due to my occupation I hit dead end after dead end. I went through insurance broker after broker seeking cover to be met with “we cannot help you.” It wasn’t until I was put in contact with Mathew that I was able to secure the cover I was after. Mathew and the team at ABH secured me the full suite of personal insurances that I once thought was not available for the aviation industry. It’s great to have peace of mind that whatever life throws at me, my family will never be financially burdened."

Luke Pagano,  Air Crewman - CareFlight

Adrian congratulations on your Anniversary. Your professionalism and service goes way beyond and its always a pleasure dealing with you. Wishing you many more successful years ahead.

Marian Piguet, Slater Dental Studio Gold Coast 

"Being a director of a growing Consultancy Company and having a young family it is fair to say that I have a lot on my plate. I work hard in my business to ensure that I can take care of my wife and children’s future. I realise that I need to not only work hard I also need to “work smart". Adrian has been my Financial Planner for the past 8 years. Adrian has helped me to manage my tax more effectively and has shown me how to take advantage of the growth in the emerging markets. I have also been on claim for a surfing injury and Adrian facilitated the claims process while I focused on my recovery. I feel secure knowing that in the event that something happens to me I have adequate protection to ensure my wife and children will be financially secure. When I am out in the surf I can have peace of mind as Adrian is working for my financial future."

James Skinner, Director - Stepping Stone Equity

"My father referred me to Adrian of ABH Financial Services as he is a client. He knew I was working hard but wanted to make sure that my money was working as hard as I was! In the last 2 years we have really built our investment portfolio, with the right advice and high level of personal service we have been able to take advantage of the growth emerging markets and other investments, better plan out tax and lending needs and also feel secure knowing we have adequate insurance protection to ensure no matter what happens we will have a secure financial future. Newly married I have to make sure my financial future is in good hands and I can focus on building my career and enjoying my time off."

Adam Bieshaar

"I have been a client of Adrian’s for over 5 years, I initially came to him at the last minute around tax time to see if he could help. Over the years we have built my asset base through many investment such as shares, forestry and other tax effective investments. I know that I can call him anytime and I get a straight answer and we can discuss the pros and cons of different investment options for my lifestyle. I would have to say he knows his stuff and I feel confident that I am in good hands. I would be happy to refer him to anyone that wants to improve their financial situation."

Dr Mark Brickley

"After immigrating from South Africa to Australia, we had to reassess our immediate financial goals and plan for our future. It’s not easy moving to a new country with a tax system like Australia and as a Doctor I found I had to pay a high tax rate. When attempting to build up our financial portfolio, with after tax dollars, I thought “there must be a better way". We did not know who to trust or where to go to, however through a chance referral I was introduced to Adrian of ABH Financial Services. In the last two years Adrian has provided us with solid advice and a high level of personal service. We feel secure knowing we have adequate insurance protection to ensure no matter what happens we will have a secure financial future. Now we can focus on the important things like enjoying this country and ensuring our son has a great future here..."

Dr Riaan & Elouise Jeffery